The courage isn’t the absence of fear

It’s having the fear, moving on, and stepping forward doing it. 

Matrix, Workshop of Women Artists is about a group of women artists dedicated to women's art scene and development in Sacramento for 39 years.


No matter your skin color, gender, sexuality, religion, age, nationality

Art comes into our lives without any rules, and limitations

Art transcends all human boundaries

Maybe you are a women working in a male dominant field

Maybe you are a gay with a conservative family

Maybe you are an atheist living in a religious country

Maybe you are a 70 year-old college student

Or, maybe you are an immigrant child…

Whether you are like me, a foreigner studying in a foreign land,

with all the fear and prejudices that come alone with that

Or whether you just feel like a foreigner

There’s so many of us who feel like outsiders

The women of Matrix showed us that instead of giving up,

find a community, or form a community

Because no matter how foreign you feel

You are not alone