About Hui-Chun

Hui-Chun Chung is a Taiwanese photographer based in Sacramento, California. She graduated with a major in English and minor in Japanese from Yuan Ze University in Taiwan. With an ability to capture the eternity of each fleeting moment, she dived into the world of photography by furthering her education at Sacramento City Collage in Northern California. Her study of photography allows her to see the world through her mind’s eye. Using light and shadow to create story-telling composites either on location or in studio, her images not only capture a person’s physical appearance, but also reveal their truthful and vivid personalities. Her experimental style allows her to communicate visually and is also a means of self-expression. Having this unique vision allows her to capture the essence of subjects and bring life into commercial and consumer products. “Photography is another language that connects me to the world. Whenever I look through the viewfinder, I feel involved.”

Photo by Frank Mosher